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ALKA WATER Bottled Water
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Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water - pH 9~10
500ml, 700ml, 1 Liter

● Clean Refreshing Taste
● Absolute Purity
● Ultimate Hydration
● Stable pH Level
● Ionic / Active Calcium Infused for Maximum Absorption

To compare, ALKA Water has a stable 9-10 pH level which counteracts the effects of our normal diet.

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully created an All Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline water that produces a stable 9-10 pH . Our patented filtration and infused calcium system delivers pure ionic calcium alkaline water that tastes great while it hydrates better and faster than typical filtered or bottled water.

Completely Safe to Drink

It contains no harmful ingredients, calories or preservatives. Just great all natural water that is specially infused to have a highest, most stable pH level available.

The ALKA WATER Water Difference

Our all natural water holds its pH better than the competition. Most Bottled or filtered water are essentially pH neutral or slightly acidic. Only ALKA WATER Water has the proper pH to sustain maximum hydration and help balance your body’s pH.