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About Calcium


Calcium is essential for maintaining overall health. Calcium is not only essential for the continual development and strenghtening of bones and teeth, but also for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. It is also necessary for good blood circulation.

Then how much calcium is required to maintain good health? The answer changes according to diet and a person's ability to absorb the calcium properly.

The North American diet requires more calcium than the traditional Asian diet. When there is insufficient calcium intake to neutralize acidic proteins and fats, this “vital” mineral is “borrowed” from bones and teeth. However, this “borrowed” calcium doesn’t end up where it is needed, but instead forms stones in kidneys or raises blood calcium level (called "calcium paradox"). In other words, we need sufficient calcium, but it needs to be absorbed properly.

If an individual’s diet is low in calcium, there may not be sufficient amounts of calcium available in the blood to be returned to bones, thereby making the bones and teeth more susceptible to damage. In order to prevent this from happening, adequate amounts of calcium should be included in the diet. Many people take calcium supplements to make up for what’s missing. However, the amount of calcium properly absorbed through supplementation may not be enough. Drinking sufficient amounts of Alka Water’s Natural Ionic Calcium Alkaline Water (along with good diet and possible supplementation) will help insure that enough calcium is absorbed properly into the body.

Regular daily intake of calcium is a key to improved health.